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No analogues. An innovative device for scalp acupressure, relieves vascular spasms and activates blood flow. LPE-Massager effectively solves the problem of hair loss. Restoring the health and density of hair with the head massager, LPE-Massager can be purchased in Slovenia on the official website. A 50% discount price today only. You can also buy a head massager in Slovenia.

LPE-Massager head massager, buy in Slovenia

LPE-Massager for scalp and restoring hair health and density can now be ordered and purchased in Slovenia on the official website. Discounted price. The baldness problem affects both women and men. Male pattern baldness is a problem that most often affects men after the age of 25 years. And today, modern innovative technologies can effectively resist the problem of hair loss in the male model. After using the LPE-Massager, the health and density of the scalp hair is gradually restored. In almost 100% of cases, the hair gets a new life. Hair follicles are gradually restored, which give active growth of new hair and where hair has fallen out, hair growth is noticed again.

androgenic alopecia in men

As mentioned, hair restoration products are either less effective or completely useless. Therefore, LPE-Massager was developed, which is able to act on the roots of the hair follicles, forcing them to actively work and restore the hair on the head. in Slovenia, a head massager appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to win his place in the fight against a problem such as baldness. Slovenia is among the countries where the baldness problem has existed for a long time. And this applies to both male pattern baldness and hair loss in women. And this head massager does the job perfectly. So do not worry, you have a unique opportunity to fix it.

Why is hair growth massage effective? Above all, its functionality is very important for each device. What hair growth problems can LPE-Massager solve? Let’s figure out together how to keep your hair healthy, thick and not brittle. Above all, the health condition of women and men can be judged by the condition of the hair.

What is this head massager:

hair loss in women

What are the most common forms of hair loss?

In men, androgenetic alopecia is more common. Furthermore, this process is divided into several stages of development, namely:

Androgenic alopecia is also common in women. As a rule, this is due to an excess in the female body of the male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). When it grows, the hair on the head begins to fall out, and on the face and pubis, on the contrary, the hair grows. The development of this pathological process, as a rule, occurs gradually. Long hair becomes thin, pigment (dye), their loss occurs, and instead, initially fluff is formed, and then they disappear and smooth skin remains. Smooth and shiny areas are formed in which the hair follicles are not even visible.

scalp massager and healthy hair

The leading cause of diffuse alopecia in both men and women:

There is no need to wait until the problem becomes quite serious and it takes a lot of effort to solve it. The sooner you notice that something is wrong with your hair and take action, the easier it is to cope with this disease. Use LPE-Massager for the scalp as a preventative measure and your hair will always be healthy and beautiful.

The opinion of the doctor

Dr. Žan
15 years
in Slovenia, the problem of hair loss has existed for a long time and therefore everyone is looking for effective remedies to solve it. Do not execute the problem so that no more serious treatment is required. If you take care of your hair, then you can proceed with preventive measures. LPE-Massager is one such method. Thanks to its action on the hair follicles, they are stimulated and hair growth resumes. Healthy hair is the key to female beauty.